Let's Play in RE Village♪ Episode 3

Resident Evil Village X Puppet Show: Let’s Play in RE Village♪ Episode 3

Everyone: We’re not scary!

Let’s go to RE Village!

Everyone is such a happy family!

VAMPIRE: Big Sister Dimi!

SLIPPERY MAN: Moreau-kun!



We’re not, we’re not, we’re not scary!

Let’s Play in RE Village!

Children: I Can Slash My Teeth!

Moreau-kun: Hey everyone! What are we doing today?

Big Sister Dimi: Today, we’re going to see if everyone can brush their teeth!

Mr. Heisen: Oh, what a great idea!

Moreau-kun: I wonder if I can do it!

Angie: YAY!

Big Sister Dimi: Okay, use this steel toothbrush! Give it a try! Here you go.

Moreau-kun: Ah, okay.

Text on screen: “Slashing Teeth Song,” sung by Moreau-kun

Brushy, brushy, scritchy scratchy

Brushy, brushy, scritchy scratchy, brushy, brushy, brushy!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Moreau-kun: Okay! I did it! Wow, I feel so refreshed! My teeth feel spotless!

Big Sister Dimi: Right?

Mr. Heisen: Don’t they?

Moreau-kun: Huh, what’s wrong Angie?

Angie: Hold onnnnnn!!!!!

Everyone: What?

Angie: You guys! I’ve been thinking for a while, and hasn’t this episode been really scary since the beginning?

Moreau-kun: Hm? I don’t think it was that scary…

Angie: We gotta do this correctly! Don’t be scary!

Big Sister Dimi and Mr. Heisen: Alright….

Mr. Heisen: “Not scary, not scary?” What the fuck am I doing? Isn’t it okay to be scary?

Big Sister Dimi: Heh heh… I agree. I’m tired of this act.

Angie: Wait!!!!!

Donna: Ah!

Ghost Puppeteer: Miss Donna

Mother Miranda: Stop this foolishness…

Everyone: Ah, you're – Mother Miranda?

Mother Miranda: All this time, I’ve been watching you.

Everyone: Oh my God, you were???

Mother Miranda: Stop this fighting. Let’s all get along. Do not be afraid. After all, the next RE is not scary!

Mr. Heisen: Th-that’s right!

Big Sister Dimi: I almost forgot!

Moreau-kun: We said it wasn’t scary!

Mother Miranda: Now, everyone, shall we fix this? Let’s dance!

Everyone: Of course!

Everyone: Okay! RE is not scary! Everyone come have fun in the village!

Announcer: This program was created in response to the previous one, which was deemed to be too scary. But, everyone perceives things differently, so I honestly don’t know if you’ll think it’s scary or not unless you actually play it. We all worked very hard to make this game, so we hope many kinds of people pick it up. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your

Mother Miranda: Resident Evil: Village has now released!

Mr. Heisen: Everyone, go play it!

Big Sister Dimi: And go recommend it to people at your part-time job!

Moreau-kun: And tell your cousins! And their cousins too!

Mother Miranda: Alright, everyone –

Everyone: See you REal soon!